Frequently Asked Questions


Customer FAQ 

(Service Provider FAQ below)


I hired a Service Professional and now I can't find my Service Request in my dashboard. Where is it?

When you request a Service it is placed in your 'My Service Request' tab until you hire someone then it gets moved to the 'Services in Progress' tab. When the Service is completed it will be moved to the 'Completed Services' tab and marked 'Completed'.


Where is my dashboard?

On both your desktop and mobile device your dashboard can be found by clicking on your profile picture and selecting 'My Dashboard'.


What happens if I don't pick a provider in 30 days?

If you submit a request and don't pick a provider within 30 days the request will time-out and cancel. When this happens your account will be marked with a request where no one was hired. When service providers look at your request they can see how many requests you have made and how many service providers you have hired. If you have a lot of requests and not many people hired it may prevent providers from quoting your work. It is always better to cancel the request yourself than to let it time out.


Requests can be edited/cancelled by opening the request and clicking on Edit Request or Cancel Service Request.





Service Provider FAQ 


Do I have to become Preferred to use this service? 

No. We allow all service providers to sign up for a free account. You will only get a Preferred banner on your profile picture when a realtor refers you to the site. So if a customer hires you ask their realtor to review your work and refer you to the site. The more referrals you have the more work you're likely to get.


Do I still use my own contracts with the customer?

Absolutely! When it comes down to it we are your marketing company and we handle the payment. So it would be wise for you to conduct your business as you normally would. If you need assistance please check out our 'Resources' page located in your dashboard menu.


What does 'Agent Referred' mean on the Service Request?

'Agent Referred' means that the Customers Real Estate Agent submitted the Service Request. It also means that this work is usually needed to be completed fairly quickly to satisfy a requirement of a real estate transaction. 


 If the 'Services Requested' on the Service Request is 20 and the 'Service Providers Hired' is 1, should I even bother quoting this Service Request?

I don't think we would, not with a number that high. We put this information in to help protect our Service Providers from Customers who just want to know how much something is going to cost with no real intention of having the work performed. Now if the number was 10 we would probably reach out to the customer asking why. It may be that the Inspection Report came back and they need 10 different providers. You never know and we make it real easy to ask with the 'Contact Customer' button right in the Service Request.


 The customer is requesting financing but I don't provide it, should I still quote the Service Request?

Yes. The customer may not find a payment plan that works for them so you would still be an option. Just let them know when you submit your quote that you don't offer financing but would still like to be considered.


 Get to the Job and it’s ‘Not as described’ or the Customer asks ‘Could you do this as well?

 No worries, just log in and view the service request. There is an adjustment section which you can add an additional amount to your quote. Discussing this with the Customer beforehand will make the approval process go much quicker, since you both agree to the additional cost before submitting it.

Please note your quote can only be adjusted one time so make sure you get everything finalized with the Customer first.